Sharon and Kimberly Brown at the Loft–Flint, MI

2 thoughts on “Sharon and Kimberly Brown at the Loft–Flint, MI”

  1. Sharon Anderson says:

    Dear Sally:

    Sorry for the loss of your friend Phil. The Browns are good friends of the Anderson family, especially Kim. I will certainly pass on your condolences and best wishes.

    Sharon Anderson

  2. Sally Witcher says:

    I was at the Slade with Phil Brown, who I believe was Kimberley’s husband. We were very good friends but lost contact and I often wondered what became of him. I was idly googling long lost friends yesterday afternoon and came across your web-site and the news of Phil’s untimely death. I was so sorry to learn of this. He was a lovely person and a talented artist. I never met Kimberley but I’d be very grateful if you could pass on my condolences and very best wishes. Sally

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